Getting a Tax Deduction for Employer Superannuation Payments

SuperTax DeductionsEmployers are eligible to a tax deduction for contributions made for employees to a complying superannuation fund.  The contributions are only deductible however in the year in which they are paid. To get the most from the deductions available, employers should make sure that the contributions are received by their employees superannuation funds before the 30th June. Continue reading

Living away from home arrangements in the spotlight

The living away from home allowance (LAFHA) is a payment made to an employee who is living away from their usual residence due to work commitments.

The attraction of this benefit is that if you meet the criteria, it’s effectively tax-free.  It doesn’t count as assessable income, and although it’s classified as a fringe benefit, it’s not taxed which means your employer doesn’t pay tax either.

“Fly-in-fly-out” workers such as those who work in remote mines or employees working on interstate infrastructure projects, are often paid LAFHA to compensate them for additional expenses incurred and any disadvantages suffered due to living away from their homes in order to do their job. Continue reading

Employee Engagement: Do you have the right people on the bus?

Employee EngagementOn a recent trip to Tasmania I found myself at Melbourne airport, in a hurry as usual, trying to grab a quick bite before my flight. It was a particularly busy time and there were lengthy queues at all the various outlets. I lined up at one of the fast food outlets (yes my healthy eating campaign was also on holidays!) where after a short wait I was greeted by a young woman who according to her name badge was a team leader at the store.

She was clearly disinterested in her role and going through the motions, only just! She incorrectly took my order, a fellow customer’s complaint was met with a blank stare and forced smile and the card facilities were working intermittently depending it seemed on who the customer was. What this lead to was a completely unsatisfying experience for all the customers she served. Continue reading