2015/2016 Federal Budget: Overall Win For Small Business

Budget 2015 (1)Last night saw the release of the 2015/2016 Federal Budget.  Fair to say it was a bit of a tame affair compared to the year before where a lot of the measures were very unpopular and as such were not able to be brought into action.  The good news that did come from last night was that there were a lot of measures in there aimed at small business.

Benefits for Small Business

It should be noted that most of the measures targeted at the business sector were either directed at the big end of town or small business with very little for those in-between. We will focus on the small business end of things which for the purposes of most government measures is generally defined as a business with turnover of under $2 million. Continue reading

Cash Flow Manangement: What is the right strategy?

Cash is king or so the saying goes and any business person will tell you, this saying is as true today as ever. And managing it is like a high-wire balancing act. If your company’s cash reserves aren’t sufficient, you may wind up short of funds. If your business holds too much cash, the funds are idle and not being pumped back into the company or generating any return.

So what sort of cash flow policy is appropriate for your business?

Fundamentally, there are two opposing approaches to managing cash and other short-term assets: Continue reading